Cost of parking in DC.

Posted by Abbott Klar Real Estate on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 at 9:40am

Parking Wars!
Parking garage

To live in DC is to complain about the snow, and since we are still digging out from the 3 inches we got on Sunday, we figured this would be a good time to talk about parking.

A typical conversation on the local list serve or uber-cool-hastag-coffee-shop-hang-out-place goes something like

They should’ve closed the Schools!
Why didn’t they close they schools?
I can’t believe they closed the schools!
What was the Mayor thinking?
You call this snow?! Where I come from schools don’t close for 13 feet of snow…
Can I ski on the White house lawn?
This is why you should vote for bla bla bla..

Key takeaway here is to stay off the list serves and make your own coffee. But this is the internet and this is a blog and only experts have blogs (insert source here) so that makes us experts...  So let’s try to figure this out.  You hate shoveling snow so much that you have decided “That it!  I’m buying a condo with my very own garage parking space or house with a garage or at least an off street parking space shadded by a giant snow repelling tree, or perhaps just a house next to someone who has a snow blower”

So what’s it going to cost you?  How much does a parking spot cost?  Good news is that we have access to such knowledge.  We’ll skip the whole supply and demand lessons and optimal efficiencies from econ 101 and not even touch on the lack of good urban planning in DC or the wisdom of owning a car in a city in the midst of a war on cars (look it up) and just go straight to the facts.  Nothing but the facts your honor!  And a little fluff.  And pictures.  And more fluff. But first, the facts:

In the last year here are some examples of what parking spaces sold for across the city:
Dupont Circle:
1330 New Hampshire Ave NW #31.  This was a one car parking spot in the garage of the Apolline. Sold  for $60,000.  Was only available to owners of condo units in the building.
1330 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington DC

1545 18th St NW #P36.  This was a one car parking spot in the garage.  Sold for $42,000, also only available to owners of condo units in the building.
1545 18th ST NW #P36 Washington DC

2500 Q ST NW # P105. This was a one car garage parking spot only available to owners in the building.  Sold for $40,000
2500 Q St NW Washington DC

Mount Pleasant:
2200 17th ST NW # G-71 Washignton DC.  This was a one car garage parking spot.  Sold for $42,500
2200 17TH ST NW Washington DC

Foggy Bottom:
922 24th ST NW #PS40.  This was an off street parking spot in the parking lot of the building. Sold for $35,000
922 24th ST NW Washington DC

Penn Quarter:
460 L ST NW Washington DC.  There were 7 parking spots sold in this building priced between $15,000 -$35,000 and also only available to residents of the building.
460 L St NW Washington DC

In the market for a parking space right now?  Here are a few currently on the market.  Keep in mind that many of these have restrictions on ownership only to residents of the condo buildings- they don’t want some random people in the building who don’t live there, even if they are the clearly super-responsible-snow-fearing-kind.

1260 21st ST NW #32 Washington DC available for $60,000. Listed by Michele Wiltse with TTR Sotheby's
1260 21ST ST NW Wasington DC

1080 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington DC.  $75,000 for one parking spot in the garage- only available to owners in the building.
Listed by Hale Cusick of Barcroft Realty
1080 WISCONSIN AVE NW Washington DC

1515 15th ST NW Washington DC.  One gararge parking spot available for $40,000.  Listing agent is Robert Sanders with TTR Sotheby's
1515 15TH ST NW Washington DC. The Metropole

3883 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC.  Once garage parking spot available for $25,000.  Listied by Ed Carp of Continental Properties

Other options… Well you could sell that car.  I know, I know, sacrilege! I love my car you say. If it was a choice between my car or food?  You choose the car.  "My car defines me.  Makes me completely unique.  Gives me my freedom."  Of course it does. It’s okay. Calm down.  But think about it, DC is fast becoming a city where you don’t need a car.  Really! Car to Go, Zip Car, Bike Share, Metro, Buses, street cars (soon they promise..) and then there are all those "car sharing" services, those unlicensed random people driving you around in their personal car and charging you peak rates while calling it sharing which makes you feel better, I guess.

Happy parking!




All data and pictures gathered from MRIS
1st garage picture copyright Shutterstock used with license

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