fixer-Uppers are the way to go!

Posted by Abbott Klar Real Estate on Friday, July 3rd, 2015 at 12:21pm

Washington Post

Read this great article in the Washington Post on how our buyers smartly purchased a fixer upper and made it their home.  No need to pay more for developer flips.  Do the work yourself, just like you want it and SAVE!
Even in this very competitive market, these houses are available all over the city at all price ranges.  It is worth your time and patience to find them and consider doing the work yourself.  203K renovation loans as well as conventional renovation loan options are really a smart way to go.  While developers are bidding on many of these houses, buyers who intend to occupy the house as their primary residence should be willing to offer more than developers.  Even after you renovate, you will, if done smartly, be ahead and more importantly it will be done exactly how you wanted it. You should also consider simply doing it slowly as you go.  Start with the items on the list that are a must before you move in (water- make sure roof doesn't leak and basement is dry, electrical is safe and plumbing is in working order), the rest can be done slowly. Get in touch with us,  call, email or stop by sometime, we love helping buyers find their perfect home.

Congratulations to our buyers on a job well done!  We wish you many many happy years in your new home.

Read the article.

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