Bipeds of Brookland: Susan Gushue

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Bipeds of Brookland:

Introducing the people who make Brookland their home, one step at a time.


Susan Gushue

Bipeds of Brookland: Susan Gushue
Susan Gushue started graduate school in Philosophy at CUA in 1981, but later became a math teacher. “I wanted to be a college professor but I didn’t want to write research papers.”

She and her husband had a son and bought a house in Brookland.  She liked meeting the “funky do-it-yourself people” who lived in Brookland because it was affordable.  They later had four daughters and Susan began tutoring math so she could work part time.

“Before all these little libraries you see now, I did book swaps here probably 20 years ago. On a Saturday we’d have lemonade and some friends would bring books and older kids to help us. You could just come get a book, and kids would hang out and drink lemonade and eat cookies and look at books, and so would grownups. I think it stopped because I went to back work full time. My older children were at Duke Ellington and I loved it and I went there and taught for 10 years.”

She now tutors for a foundation called Resources to Inspire Students and Educators which puts professional tutors into high schools in SE DC. “It really is our failed math education that has turned so many people in the US into people who dislike math, I think. Nobody would say ‘Oh reading, I’m really not that good at that, but people are very comfortable saying ‘Oh math, I’m really not that good at that.’ When they like things that are mathematical they don’t recognize that it's math. So many kids and adults love puzzles and building toys, but they just don’t think it's math.”

She is happy to still live in Brookland. “I love the restaurants, I just love that you can walk everywhere here, being able to get downtown in 15 minutes and when you’re here you don’t feel like you’re in the city at all.  But l miss the green space, they keep building things.”

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