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Founded pursuant to an Act of Congress in 1790, Washington DC has seen its fair share, and then some, of military engagements, duels, assassinations, untimely and mysterious deaths, and other assorted tragedies in its long and storied history. So famous are Washington's ghosts, they have been featured in documentaries and name dropped by author Dan Brown. So, in honor of Halloween, turn down the lights, put on some spooky music, set up your Ouija board and  keep reading for our guide to some of the most haunted houses in the City....if you dare!

The Capitol   
The Capitol building, Washington DC                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Sunday Spice in Glover Park
by Danielle Dellerson

Brunch spots abound in Washington, D.C.—a treasure trove of egg bennies, bacon, and towering stacks of pillowy pancakes, often served up with copious mimosa refills.  But if you want to avoid falling into a brunch rut, swap your standard Sunday fare for a tidal wave of flavors from the south of India, which, according to my taste buds, is the center of the spice universe. 

And good news—this universe is now conveniently located in Glover Park with the opening of Malgudi, the newest venture from the owners of Heritage India, which is located just above the Malgudi space at 2400 Wisconsin Ave., NW. 

Even better news—Malgudi’s brunch offerings include bottomless mimosas—which will come in handy for

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Parking Wars:  Cost of parking in DC

The War on Cars that Lon Anderson –Spokesman for AAA Mid-Atlantic- has articulated seems to be getting lots of attention recently with claims that the priority for DC government is to create a more bike friendly and walkable city at the expense of car ownership.  We are all for a more walkable and biker friendly city, but the city might consider a more ballanced approach that includes cars. Here are  some of the recent developments on the political sphere and also an attempt to decipher the cost of a parking spot:

On of the proposals DC is considering is reducing the required number of parking spots a developer is required to build in a new development if it is located within a certain distance to a metro.  The goal

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A new place to strike in Georgetown may be struck down.  According to Shaun Courtney of the Georgetown Patch, the Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commission voted against the bowling alley planned by Pinstripes to open at the Georgetown Park Mall.  The vote will go before the board zoning adjustment on Jan 15th.  Besides the bowling alley, some residents asked to have better restaurants, benches by the bus stops and even meet and greet “get to know your neighbors Block Parties. 

  Bowling Alley

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