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After living through a year full of challenges, we deserve to get out (safely) and be a part of the arts, culture and community that makes DC special.

Here are our top picks of events to enjoy this Labor Day Weekend.

Friday, September 3: Watch a Movie Under the Stars

Spend a night at The Drive in At Union Market. This Friday they are screening the highly acclaimed, feel-good romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians. No car? No problem. Grab a blanket, a lawn chair and head on down. Get your tickets here.

Location: 1309 5th Street NE Washington, DC 20002

Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Cost: $20 per car

Saturday, September 4: Go on a Family Bicycling Adventure

Embark on an urban bicycling adventure with the whole family. Family Bike Fest is an

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Introducing the people who make Brookland their home, one step at a time:

Mrs. Jackson

Bipeds of Brookland: Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Jackson grew up in Washington and has taught in Brookland for 29 years.  She moved with her husband into the neighborhood 13 years ago.  She enjoys living near the school and her students. Mrs. Jackson began her teaching career at Brookland Elementary School and when the school transitioned up the street to Brookland Education Campus at Bunker Hill, she remained with her students and is still there teaching second grade.

"Many of the students that I currently teach and have taught over the years, are children of parents which I had taught so many years ago.   I appreciate the fact that most of the older students that have become productive members of

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Hikes Near DC to Look Forward to This Spring

Long to go a-wandering along a mountain path?  The chill of winter can sink into your bones and make you doubt that spring is ever coming, but I promise, it will.  The sunshine will return, the days will get longer, the snow will melt and mother nature will be waiting to welcome your boots back to the trail.  Check out these DC area hiking areas - all within Friday night decide-to-leave-last-minute-after-work or Saturday morning mini-road-trip-to-go-coffee-sipping distance from the district.  Get your trail research on to get you through the winter, then lace up your boots when the spring sun shines and go!  


Rock Creek Park

Washington, DC


DC’s own Rock Creek Park offers a commute-free

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Introducing the people who make Brookland their home, one step at a time

Joe Kim

Joe Kim

Kim Hak Mun was a banker in Korea.  He says that was not hard work only using his head. But he came to the US with his wife in 1988 after waiting 10 years for a visa that would allow him to work.  He bought Joe’s Mini Mart on 12th street, named after his nephew, from his brother-in-law, and became known as Joe to the people of Brookland.  He was in the store from six in the morning to nine at night every day to keep it open, cleaning stocking and selling.  After 20 years of running his own store Joe closed it to take care of his wife who was dying of cancer.  Eight years ago, after the death of his wife, he came to work at Yes Organic Market. He moved into the

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Bipeds of Brookland

Introducing the people who make Brookland their home, one step at a time. We'll highlight one member of our community each week, photographed and interviewed by Tom Sabella, who came to Brookland in 1995 and still hasn't left.
Petals Ribbons & Beyond

In 2005 Sara Lucas retired from working for the Superior Court and began to work every day at her flower shop, Petals, Ribbons and Beyond. “My grandmother had rosebushes when I was growing up in South Carolina and I used to love the rosebushes but every week I would get stung by a bee because the bees would come to get the pollen off the roses. So I have always been around flowers outdoors and then I was offered an opportunity in 1988 to buy into a flower business I had 3 other partners, the shop was called

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Ski Resorts within Road-Tripping Distance of DC

What could be finer than packing your snow clothes clad munchkins into the car and hitting the road in pursuit of high speed, snowy fun?  Or perhaps, packing the car full of pals, gear and plenty of road snacks in pursuit of fresh powder.  Any way you crack it, a day on the slopes is guaranteed fun for all.  Wax your skis, tighten your bindings and head to one of the awesome downhill ski resorts listed below - all four hours or less from DC!

Liberty Mountain Resort

1.5 - 2 hours from DC

Carroll Valley, PA

Less than 2 hours driving from the heart of the district, Liberty Mountain Resort stands as a DCers best option for close to home skiing and snowboarding.  Wake up on a weekend and decide to

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5 Fun 5k Runs in the D.C. Area to Get Your Resolutions Rolling


Are you wondering how January passed you by, and the mid-February greeting-card-company-holiday somehow crept up on you with your New Year’s resolutions still hanging from a proud sticky note on the fridge, no more in action than yourself?  Did you (like most everyone) promise to make 2015 your healthiest, most active year yet; but do you now find yourself gazing at melting piles of snow and your neighbor’s still-hung Christmas lights, begging them to stay around a bit longer so that your excuse: “The holidays just passed, I’ll start soon,” might endure?  Resolutions are tough.  They’re like your unfiled tax return – the longer you wait to start them, the easier it is to pretend like

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Celebrate Black History Month in the Nation’s Capital

Fifty-three years after the March on Washington and the delivery of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the nation looks back on the history of the Civil Rights movement and honors the story and culture of African Americans.  Washington, DC is a riveting setting in which to remember past atrocities in solemnity, celebrate progress made and dream of a future in which true equality will flourish.  The city will celebrate Black History Month with a variety of events and special exhibitions this year - see the list below for ideas about how you can reflect, honor and celebrate this month.  

Through the African American Lens

National Museum of American History


On display

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Fiery DC Restaurants and Bars to Warm Your Winter Nights

Winter weather has arrived to the DC area like a belligerent, outrageously-clad party guest to a New Year’s Eve party at 2 am:  unfashionably late and compensating with an overstatement.  When Jack Frost rears his ugly head, it can take Rocky-Balboa-type motivation to get us out from under the covers and out on the town.  Fortunately, DC is peppered with bars and restaurants housing cozy fireplaces, patio fire pits and outdoor heaters - some haunts even roll out the blankies to really turn up the cozy.  So, throw on those snow boots and get out there - a warm destination and your salvaged social life awaits.  


1789 Restaurant

Reserve a table in the John Carol room and request a

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