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NYE DC: How to Ring In 2016 In and Around the Capital City

2015 is quickly coming to a close and the DC area is loaded with events to welcome the coming year.  Whether you’re looking to party your pants off on the dance floor, learn something at a refined event, class it up, dress it down or bring the kids along, a variety of unique celebrations and events offers something for everyone.  

Night at the Newseum

The Newseum is a Washington DC museum dedicated to telling the colorful stories of American history through the lens of the media throughout the ages, with celebration of free expression and freedom of the press as its core values.  On the last night of 2015, Project NYE DC brings a rocking New Years party to this

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Cut Your Own! DC Area Christmas Tree Farms

DC area Decorated house

Memories of running through rows of pine trees with my siblings, scalding my tongue with (flaming) hot apple cider and my father swearing under his breath while strapping a 10-foot tree to the top of the family car are near and dear to my sentimental, holiday-loving heart.  In my family, Christmas music was strictly prohibited until after Thanksgiving, and bringing home the Christmas tree stood as the official, “Ok, go!” of the seasonal festivities.  After that, it was safe to say that Santa was on his way, the end of school was nigh and cups of holiday cheer could be shamelessly guzzled until January 2nd.  Kick off your holiday season with a trip to one of these DC area tree farms to cut your own tree. Bring

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Winter Fit: 5 DC Fitness Blogs to Keep You Inspired as the Weather Turns Cold
Winter health hike

As the fall air turns from wonderfully fresh to freaking freezing, you may find yourself crawling into your stretchy pants, under the covers and into hibernation mode for the Long. Winter. Ahead. While the temptation is indeed tempting, it IS possible to stay fit and healthy even when Jack Frost invites you to stay in and pour yourself another cocoa (with a box of cookies on the side - why not?). Sometimes the story of someone else’s struggle or triumph can be just the ticket to realizing that: not only are you not in it alone, but you are also not the only one wondering how to make palatable cookies out of quinoa or how to get a legitimate workout in the comfort of your

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