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Are you Ready?

Are you ready?

Thinking about selling your house?   Call us for a free market evaluation of your home and expert advice on what to do now to maximize the sale price of your home in the Spring.

Let's talk.  202-431-4971  We are the local experts.

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Parking Wars!
Parking garage

To live in DC is to complain about the snow, and since we are still digging out from the 3 inches we got on Sunday, we figured this would be a good time to talk about parking.

A typical conversation on the local list serve or uber-cool-hastag-coffee-shop-hang-out-place goes something like

They should’ve closed the Schools!
Why didn’t they close they schools?
I can’t believe they closed the schools!
What was the Mayor thinking?
You call this snow?! Where I come from schools don’t close for 13 feet of snow…
Can I ski on the White house lawn?
This is why you should vote for bla bla bla..

Key takeaway here is to stay off the list serves and make your own coffee. But this is the internet and this is a blog and only experts have blogs (insert

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Beautiful Brookland is no longer a secret, the Brookland real estate market started 2015 strong and is expected to break records this year.   Washingtonian magazine named Brookland and one of the best neighborhoods to buy a home in 2015.  Demand for Brookland homes is very strong and the supply is very low.  This makes 2015 a great time to sell your house.  Let's take a look as the recent home sale date in Brookland. Above are all the houses that have sold so far this year in Brookland.  Some of the most interesting houses that have sold in Brookland year to date:

1523 Monroe Street NE. $989,000
1523 Monroe ST NE DC. Brookland
This was a new construction house built on a vacant lot by Connell & Schmidt Custom Builders
They usually do work on Capitol Hill but are now expanding to

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Beautiful Brookland

New Restaurants in Brookland
By: Tony Boehm

If you blinked, you might have missed the day when Brookland, DC became a nightlife destination. But don’t worry, you weren’t alone, and you’re not too late to be in the first wave of those discovering all the neighborhood’s new options. Brookland, always a great neighborhood to live in or visit your friend for a BBQ, is now also a spot for entertainment, arts, and dining. Spurred partially by the residential development and Arts Walk near the Brookland/CUA Metro Station, four new restaurants opened up in summer 2014 and your Brookland dining options keep on growing.
Brookland Metro

Let’s take a look at the new restaurants.

Brookland’s Finest – The first of the bunch to open in June 2014, Brookland’s Finest is nestled

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New Years celebrations have come and gone and everyone has gone back to their usual, resolution-breaking lives. Every year scores of people wax poetic about how this is the year they finally get in shape. This is the year they are going to get back to their high school weight (though why anyone would want to go back to anything pertaining to high school is beyond me). But come February, all great expectations are gone.  But rejoyce! February is the perfect time to get a handle on your love handles and get moving. There's no pressure of resolutions, just the pressure of trying to get your jeans to zip because buying a new pair is too expensive. But never fear, as usual, we are here to help. Here's our brilliant idea. Wait for it. Running. Want to know

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